FinServ 2020 Marketing Trends

A few days ago I presented a practical list of 2020 Marketing Trends At General Assembly in London. When I say practical please read: no shiny futuristic stuff and focus on strategy (deck is available here, for a few days, then will expire). What about Financial Services? Here are 2 trends that will influence FinServ. […]

Hypocrisy and Brand Purpose, update

Collecting stories for a future article about hypocrisy and brand purpose. Cadbury and its generosity Mission statement/brand purpose: Cadbury launched a new purpose-filled positioning in 2018, to “shine a light on the kindness and generosity that we see in society”; it re-launched its global brand positioning as a “family brand founded on generous principles”. But… Cadbury manages to pay […]

Freedom, Fairness, Equality.

The respect of three values – freedom, fairness and equality – has nearly been an obsession for most of my life. In my (ideal) world these are some of the core leftist values – yes, the left, that abstract concept that unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore, at least not in the western hemisphere. I took many […]

My life as a B2B marketing influencer

Based on the latest research of Marketing Recruitment, it looks like I made the list of 100 most influential B2B marketers in London in 2019. The folks at ME used Buzzsumo and Twitter’s accounts to identify the Top 100 B2B marketers. Got the 34th position overall and the 19th if we exclude non-humans (agencies); not […]