Humans and not

List of wishes received yesterday, July 11th, day of my 46th birthday.


  • My partner, my daughters, my family
  • Friends and colleagues
  • The waiter at the restaurant where we celebrated


  • Apple store
  • My online bank
  • Talent Management newsletter
  • Rossopomodoro restaurants
  • Mi tax-consultant portal


  • My Nike Fuelband device


London. It’s about 2:30 AM. Jet-lag. Landed this morning. Arriving from Boston. Three days to rest, and then back to the US. Orlando, next time. Working. Reading. Setting-up my new Air. Like being in a limbo. Hope that US timing influence won’t disappear until Sunday night, to avoid a double time adjustment in three days…

Travel planning

Preparing all things for next 3 weeks travelling – Boston, London, Orlando, back to London – with a few days break in Milan. Will update blog and twitter feeds from Airworld.

The gecko’s shadow

This post has no real meaning for most of you. Just for me and the Confra. Playing a bit with the blog’s header. Removing the superknown gecko-logo for now, but the gecko is still here as a shadow. After all, this blog is about giusec; no longer about his friends (at least, not only about them).

PS. as I said, difficult to find a meaning in this post.

Milan and Hannover

Relaxing weekend spent in Milan with three women (see the conceptual conflict here: relaxing vs. three women) and some friends – discovering ‘Isola‘ and ‘Garibaldi/Porta Nuova‘ districts, today the most vibrant areas in town.


Today preparing my attendance to Hannover Messe (@hannover_messe), the  world’s most important technology and industrial Show. Press and analysts meetings in my agenda – refining these days the story prepared in the last three months.


First, let me spell my name (correctly): Giuseppe.

I know. I do know how challenging is for Anglo-Saxons to write-spell-pronounce the “iu” after the G; and then close the word correctly. As challenging as can be pronouncing Sinéad for me (try, come on).

Years ago I started to collect all emails, receipts, reservations with my name misspelled. An incomplete list follows.

Guisseppi, Guissepi, Guissepe, Guisseppe, Josepi, Josseppi, Jossepe, Guiseppi, Guiseppe, Guisepi, Joseppi, John, Juisep, Jiuseppe, Jusepi, Jusep, Jusseppee, and (the magnificent) Jisifi.

Few hours ago, a new hit, from the cab company that will pick me up  next week at JFK: Guisippe.