Travel planning

Preparing all things for next 3 weeks travelling – Boston, London, Orlando, back to London – with a few days break in Milan. Will update blog and twitter feeds from Airworld.

The gecko’s shadow

This post has no real meaning for most of you. Just for me and the Confra. Playing a bit with the blog’s header. Removing the superknown gecko-logo for now, but the gecko is still here as a shadow. After all, this blog is about giusec; no longer about his friends (at least, not only about them).

PS. as I said, difficult to find a meaning in this post.

Milan and Hannover

Relaxing weekend spent in Milan with three women (see the conceptual conflict here: relaxing vs. three women) and some friends – discovering ‘Isola‘ and ‘Garibaldi/Porta Nuova‘ districts, today the most vibrant areas in town.


Today preparing my attendance to Hannover Messe (@hannover_messe), the  world’s most important technology and industrial Show. Press and analysts meetings in my agenda – refining these days the story prepared in the last three months.


First, let me spell my name (correctly): Giuseppe.

I know. I do know how challenging is for Anglo-Saxons to write-spell-pronounce the “iu” after the G; and then close the word correctly. As challenging as can be pronouncing Sinéad for me (try, come on).

Years ago I started to collect all emails, receipts, reservations with my name misspelled. An incomplete list follows.

Guisseppi, Guissepi, Guissepe, Guisseppe, Josepi, Josseppi, Jossepe, Guiseppi, Guiseppe, Guisepi, Joseppi, John, Juisep, Jiuseppe, Jusepi, Jusep, Jusseppee, and (the magnificent) Jisifi.

Few hours ago, a new hit, from the cab company that will pick me up  next week at JFK: Guisippe.


Press 1 if you are safe

I was supposed to be in Nigeria this week – but for the reasons explained here I had to cancel my flights and stay where I am (now in Milan). Unfortunately I forgot to advise the safety system that my trip was cancelled (my company takes personal safety very seriously, so we have a division and a system that monitor travellers in dangerous countries, with daily cadence).

So I receive a call every day from an automatic system. I have to press 1 if I am safe; 2 if something goes wrong and I need assistance.

If I miss the call, I get emails. Like:

You are receiving  an  email and a  phone call simultaneously .
Please reply to one of those means as soon as possible.
Thank you.  At the top of the body of your reply message, send the number (or number/letter combo if present) of your choice from the menu below.
1: I am safe
2: I need assistance

Which is a serious thing, but the situation is funny, because I live in one of the most quiet districts of Milan and while I go to the food store or I get an espresso at the bar I am getting calls and emails that require immediate answer: yes, drinking my espresso and 1, I am very safe.

Lost (not yet found)

Lost the iPad mini. On my last flight. Few hours ago. I am sure, it was in the magazine pocket, in front of my seat. Not the first time I leave personal stuff on the planes – someone will start an auction soon or later with all things I forget all around.

Using my iPhone 5, I have put the iPad in lost mode. Now it’s password protected. I have added a message with my phone number.

Then I’ve tried to contact Alitalia. Too late, all shut down. Sent an email to the lost & found office. In addition, contacted Linate airport via Twitter. No answer. I will get there tomorrow early morning. Wish me luck.