Based on my yesterday’s conversation with A (12 yrs old), we adults cannot properly use hashtags.

You old guys (old guys = anyone >28/30s) go to the restaurant, take a selfie and write #attherestaurant. Dad, you just don’t understand hashtags. And you are even not able to take selfies.

A whole new fascinating marketing perspective is opening in font of my (old) eyes.

I just don’t get Snapchat

Two days ago I’ve asked my 2 social media experts (Asia, 11 y.o., and Maya, 8 y.o) to teach me all things about Snapchat. A few months ago they successfully fulfilled the same request with Instagram and now I am proudly running my own account. But this time is different: I just don’t get Snapchat. And it seems I am not the only one.

“I have to be honest. I don’t get Snapchat, but enough of my smart colleagues have said it is here to stay. Since Snapchat has surpassed Facebook in total video views, it’s about time we started to take notice at Content Marketing World. Anyway, I broke down and asked Carlos Gil who heads social at BMC Software to teach us about Snapchat and the opportunities for business.

From Joe Pulizzi. Yes, I think I’ll attend that session.

Explaining complex US concepts

On vacation. Miami. Tried to explain to Asia, turning eleven in a few weeks, what a US outdoor mall is (note: in Milan or London we go shopping in city centres) and I felt confident about my clarification until we were at the mall.

– So, now it is clear what an outdoor mall is here in the States?

– Yes, dad. A street with some shops.


While the UK #brexits and Europe is falling apart, the four of us go to vacation and will leave the old continent for a few weeks. Mostly trying to avoid endless commentaries on how the world will no longer be the same.


My participation as a guest speaker at the CMO-CXO event in Liverpool is now confirmed. And the page with the description of plenary sessions is now live. Funny enough, I will bring Asia and Maya with me. They are now 10 and 8. I have no babysitter in London. The event organisation is helping me to look for someone in Liverpool for 2 days who will take care of the 2 kids, while I will be on the stage. And the three of them will follow my session…

PS. Right. A good way to secure a small (and young) audience.