I have been intrigued by the last book I’ve read (“Disrupted“, Dan Lyons) and the full story behind, including the dramatic end – the last summer’s scandal in which former HubSpot executives allegedly attempted to obtain a predraft copy. Though federal investigators dropped the case without pressing any charges, the incident caused HubSpot to fire […]

The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

Back to work, after a long-time planned friend reunion in Boston and a long bank holiday here in London. Completed the Content Marketing podcast, few days ago, and now waiting for final result… : )  Also, sent some content for a blog post to my favourite Content Marketing newsletter/blog, but that’s something I will disclose […]

Content Marketing & the “Thanksgiving analogy”

Note – header image is from Jason Miller blog/book “Welcome to the Funnel”. Thanksgiving is now approaching and marketers on the other side of the Atlantic (my side is the European) are ready to take a break, turn their brain off for a few days and stop thinking about marketing, content & ROI. Well… ever […]

Soho and the ‘power of the cell’

Soho represents the perfect stereotype of the places that I desperately try to avoid. Wherever I am. Alone, or not. Always. It’s a messy, dirty, noisy place. There is no way to get a drink or enjoy food in silence (enjoy the silence, Depeche Mode were used to sing, time ago). Loud waves of tourists, […]