Close to the deal

Everything is now ready for Day 1. All communications assets ready to go live. Two more days and the deal will be disclosed.

I am now definitely dedicating most of my time to the deal comms plan. I still cannot believe that everything has been completed, 48 hours before the deal. Let’s cross the fingers and let’s use the full day tomorrow to secure that all channels are ready to go live.

More to come.


I got this photo from a friend. It was 2007. The photo shows the management team of the software company where I landed after my MBA. I am the one with the black tshirt. It was a team building exercise. It was definitely the best team building week I had. Ever.

My boss, the second from left with the green hat, had the idea to spend a week sailing from the Tuscany coast to the Elba island. It took four days. We had two hour per day of meetings and business conversations. The rest was just sailing and sea life.

I cannot forget that week. The team was dismantled two years later when the software unit was merged with three other giant divisions of the same company. But we are still in contact. And that experience is still among our best recalls.

ISYS M&A update

Back to work, huge workload, this is the week of the M&A announcement, which is expected to go live this Friday, early afternoon UK/European time. Everything is ready for the official communications, we are testing sites and graphics, and at the same time we are refining all documents that will be part of the communications kits and will be targeted to different external stakeholders.

I have to say that despite the stress due to the last week preparation it is extremely exciting to drive comms for a so huge M&A deal.

More info this week. A lot more details after the deal announcement.