Short comment on my previous post. In January we will leave for 2 years (naaaahhhh, 2 weeks) to Patagonia. Flying to Buenos Aires and back 2 weeks later from Santiago. Patagonia and all its wilderness in the middle. Argentina. And Chile. Yeah, it’s a super-cool trip. But wait, it’s even more cool, because we’ll leave […]

Content Marketing Across Borders

Content Marketing Across Borders (contentacrossborders.com) is now live. More or less. Still in prototyping, testing, reviewing-mode but you know, I like announcing things when they are still far from being ready (and I can’t count how many times I got into troubles because of my attitude). Anyway, site is almost ready but live. Many thanks […]

Why Enterprises need a Content Marketing Platform to address content chaos

I have been designing content marketing strategy in large B2B enterprises for the last few years. If I have to list the top challenges I have had with its implementation there is no doubt that the first was a missing Content Marketing Software Platform. Other major challenges were, in order: 1) setting up proper analytic and 2) […]

LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller

The podcast is public and has been shared everywhere across business social media – mostly Twitter and LinkedIn. I already wrote about the interview and the conversation we had, in my behind-the-scenes post. Now the podcast is public. You can download it here. Love Jason’s podcast summary. Listen in on the Conversation as Giuseppe and […]