A few days in Crete are enough to realise how much I am missing the Mediterranean way of life (today also defined: Mediterranean lifestyle). And it’s not just about the Mediterranean food and diet, still point of debate among Anglo-Saxon media. It’s about life, simplicity, taste. It’s about going slow and still living your life at the best. I do not think London understands this. Yet.

New Lonely Planet Destinations

The new Lonely Planet beta destinations pages are simply gorgeous. The full story of the new redesign can be found here. Via Medium.

Photography is one of the most effective tools in helping people understand a destination. That’s why we’ve developed new partnerships with wonderful people like 500px to help us surface the best travel images on the web. Each destination page begins with photography that tells a story of the location.

My stuff & Rhode Island

My hometown is where my stuff is.

I was told by a native-Parisian, now-Rhode Islander colleague. True. My stuff has been based here for the past two weeks and I already feel at home. Many trips in the last two years have made me so familiar with this place.

Here = this place = Rhode Island.

The smallest state of USA. The first state prohibiting slavery. The first rebelling against the British empire. The state discovered by an Italian (Giovanni da Verrazzano) and hosting today the highest % of Italian-Americans in USA (19%). The birthplace of the renowned America’s Cup. The state where JFK got married. The place where the democratisation of the most sophisticated food on earth – the lobster – takes the name of lobster roll.

In another life I might decide to settle down here. In this life RI is just one of the many places around the planet where I simply feel at home.

Still 49 to go…

Two unforgettable days spent sailing in Newport, RI.

Based on a known book, Newport is one of the best 50 places to sail before you die. Well, I am just missing the other 49 now.


In Warsaw, for the Smart B2B LeadGen Conf. Busy schedule tomorrow. Being a keynote speaker, attending the conference, having network dinner with LinkedIn tomorrow evening. I always find extremely interesting the fact that Content Marketing has no geographical boundaries. I have been requested to tell my story in The Netherland, the UK, Poland, Ireland, Iceland, Germany so far. Well. Funny enough, my country, Italy, is still missing – but I am discussing some interesting ideas with my MBA business school – SDA Bocconi of Milan.

Warsaw. Last time I was here was 2007. I led marketing for a software firm at that time, and the polish distributor was one of the smartest and more sophisticated partners in Europe. Nice to be back. London is monopolizing my life, and this is not good. I definitely have to go back to my vagabonding business roots.