Minus Two

Minus two. Nearly ready. Packing operations started this morning. No electronics, with the exceptions of my Kindle, the iPhone and my camera. Temp should be variable from 5/10 C in Punta Arenas up to +30 C in Buenos Aires. Not sure if I will be able to keep a travel diary here on the blog. Definitely I will, on my brand new Moleskine. And I will keep updating my Instagram account with travel photos.


As a summary of my activities for DMEXCO 2018


Short comment on my previous post. In January we will leave for 2 years (naaaahhhh, 2 weeks) to Patagonia. Flying to Buenos Aires and back 2 weeks later from Santiago. Patagonia and all its wilderness in the middle. Argentina. And Chile. Yeah, it’s a super-cool trip. But wait, it’s even more cool, because we’ll leave with NatGeo. I mean, it’s a personalised private NatGeo expedition! Yes, a lifetime experience.

It is Anto’s gift for my 50th birthday. I love her. I will never be able to repay her for this. You know those lifetime dreams, things that you desire for years and years? Exactly, this was my desire. I had to wait all my life. Thank you, my love.

I think a better post will follow, sometime, with more details about the trip; not sure when. But at least you know, for now, what the hell the previous post was about.