After (many) hours

In Milan today. Watching some TV with A and M. X-Factor Italia. Super-boring. Never seen one of of the judges but his face is somehow familiar. The TV show is over. Time to go.

Then I recall the last days of the summer. And it’s not really because I am bit nostalgic (I am). But I keep thinking at the face of that guy in TV.

Summer. Early morning, 2AM. In Sicily with A. We are drinking a pint of Guinness in a typical Sicilish (Sicilian-Irish) pub, when we get invited by a friend who is partying in the same town with an Italian rock group, the Afterhours. Never heard about these gentlemen, but we decide to go. We enter the VIP area – why rock groups always get reserved a VIP area? – and we VIP drink and VIP eat some food. One hour later, we say good bye and we hit the road. Not so much conversation in place with the rock folks.

The singer. Finally, I realise that the judge and one of the guys at the VIP bar, specifically the one that was told being the leader of the Afterhours, are the same person.

It took so many hours to recognise the leader of the Afterhours.

Evening thoughts

Heading to Como, then to Milan, then back to London. Easyjet flight delayed. Ninety minutes. Ninety, not nineteen. Why do I keep taking these f****** flights? Easyjet just sucks. This is really a one million dollar question. Maybe because it costs to me/my company £100 less vs BA, that’s obvious. But if I think about how much time of my life I am wasting because of these f****** budget airlines I should seriously consider to invest a bit more and catch regular flights. And this is really the end of my evening thoughts.

PS. I feel some kind of relief with writing personal stuff over here now that I’ve moved all professional content to the other side.

Content Marketing Across Borders

Content Marketing Across Borders ( is now live. More or less. Still in prototyping, testing, reviewing-mode but you know, I like announcing things when they are still far from being ready (and I can’t count how many times I got into troubles because of my attitude).

Anyway, site is almost ready but live. Many thanks to Douglas Burdett, owner of the content agency Artillery Marketing and the Marketing Book podcast; in fact, he suggested the site/domain name while chatting and drinking a good Cleveland beer last week at #CMWorld 2017.

Coming soon

Making advantage of the calm of these post-CMWorld days and building a new content hub focused on Global Content Marketing and separating – whenever it will be possible – personal stuff, still going to be resident here, and professional stuff, going to be moved to the new hub.

We all know how blur is the line between personal and pro content today; the rough plan is to separate all marketing-related content from personal bullshit. Working on it.

#CMWorld 2017 – the Recap of Recaps

I will never – ever – attempt to write a CMW summary. Too many great, awesome, wonderful summaries all around. And so I decided to go with a summary of all recaps. The ones I will find around. Mainly for me and to complement my personal notes. Then for you as well, if you are one of those 10 people regularly reading this blog.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Yet no posts


Love this extract from the last summary:

One stat I heard over and over again this week is that 5 percent of all content drives 90 percent of conversion. This led me to ask the most obvious question: why do we even bother with the other 95 percent of content we create?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to content creations. The first says that brands should be creating content on a regular basis and hope that some of it resonates with your audience. The other, says that we should spend our time and energy perfecting and optimizing the content that converts and forget the rest.

I think there has to be a happy medium. In a recent Monday Marketing Minute video, I discussed the importance of publishing frequency. From a purely SEO standpoint, it appears that frequency is king. But from a conversion standpoint, quality beats quantity every time.