Using social for M&A communications

We decided to use social media for both internal and external communications on Day 1, in addition to other channels. You might remember that “Day 1” is the way we call the day when the acquisition will be formally announced.

We use SocialCast, internally. VMWare SocialCast is a social network and collaboration tool for the enterprises. Few days ago I have created a group – it works like the LinkedIn groups – to answer all questions from employees and to post news about the acquisition/integration process.

Externally, we have created a full comms plan as you can expect from acquisitions of this magnitude (we agreed to be acquired for £3.4b). We will use social media as well, to communicate to customers, partners and external stakeholders. Joint plans (= from both companies) are already in place to secure consistency with the message and to align the communication streams on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

More to come.


Here is how London might look like in a couple of decades. The project, called Skycycle (137 miles, 220 Km of superhighway for cycles only) has been presented few weeks ago by Foster and Partners, the same firm of the Gherkin and the millennium bridge. It’s backed by Network Rail, which is increasing year after year rail fares (last one few days ago, +3.1%) making the UK transports network the most expensive of Europe. In few words, commuters will wait 20 years to find a reasonable option.

Twenty Fourteen resolved

My issue with the 2014 theme grid has been resolved. As you can see from the blog main page here. You can also check the support forum post linked here (well, it was me not really understanding how featured posts work, by the way).