A couple of more days. And I will be back to Airworld (from Up in the Air). London, Paris next week. London and Milan in two weeks. This is the plan. For now.

To know me, you have to fly with me. Sit down. I’m the aisle, you’re the window. Trapped.

Planes and airports are where I feel at home. Everything fellows like you dislike about them – the dry, recycled air alive with viruses; the salty food that seems drizzled with warm mineral oil; the aura-sapping artificial lighting – has grown dear to me over the years, familiar, sweet.

I call it Airworld; the scene, the place, the style. My hometown papers are USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. The big-screen Panasonics in the club rooms broadcast all news I need, with an emphasis on the markets and the weather. My literature is the bestseller or the near bestseller, heavy on themes of espionage, high finance, and the goodness of common people in small towns.

Airworld is a nation within a nation, with its own language, architecture, mood, and even its own currency – the token economy of airline bonus miles that I’ve come to value more than dollars. Inflation doesn’t degrade them. They’re not taxed. They’re private property in its purest form.

M&A and Marcom

Few more days of relax before I will start working back on the integration project that has taken the last 3 months of my life. My company (ISYS, listed in the London Stock Exchange) is going to be acquired in a few weeks. It’s the biggest M&A deal in the field of Industrial Automation of the last few years.

I am leading communications – all messages to be released on “Day1” (the day of the done deal) to customers and external stakeholders via social media and other regular channels.

If you are interested in Marcom and M&A, just follow future posts.

Twenty Fourteen

Still playing with the Twenty Fourteen theme, as I said. Not using the featured-contents at all. By the way, something is going wrong. I have read about conflicts with plug-ins as Jetpack. It might be the size of the photos as well. It doesn’t matter for now, the blog is OK as it is and I will do further tests later.

In the meanwhile I have posted a question on the support forum. You never know. It’s full of great programmers and someone might solve the issue with a few checks.