Escaping the End of the World

Been in Rhode Island and Massachusetts last week. Travelled back to Europe, just in time to avoid the end of the world (#2015Blizzard). Few nights in London. Then Paris. Milan, over the weekend. Now back home (London). Snow here and there, but lucky enough this year. Slaloming across blizzards and winter storms.

And it’s not that I do not have empathy for winter and its distractions.  I simply love winter. But the sense of vagabonding is stronger and being stuck in that middle-earth called Airworld just because of winter’s amusements is definitely not fun.

#GlobalSummitMD 2015

Twitted today from Global Summit 2015 (Yes. The first guy on the left is me. A couple of years younger).

8th Strategic Marketing & Branding Forum

One of the 2 conferences where I am planning to share some thoughts about marketing for mergers & acquisitions has just released its official leaflet. Here it is. In PDF format (yes, I’m the Italian guy with the unpronounceable last name).

By the way, I have googled the web to search for marketing for M&As. It doesn’t seem to be an inflationated marketing topic. Maybe something to think about for the future

Marketing for M&A, my next speeches!

And so 2015 has just started and is already taking an unexpected path. After +one year of experience in the M&A post-acquisition field, I am ready to share my full experience with all marketers and professionals in the M&A sector, marketing and branding around the globe.

I will be presenting “Better Together. Integrated Campaign and Branding Strategy: Marketing lessons from one of the major M&As in the energy and technology sectors”, which summarizes my experience of leading Marketing Communications & Branding for one of the biggest acquisitions in the tech sector in 2014. Two Conferences are confirmed for now:

I will share more details about contents later this month, as soon I will get some time…

If you are planning to attend, I will be glad to share insights before and during the Summits. If you are not, let’s do it via blog or email : )

Iconic eating

OK. Been at the iconic place and enjoyed an iconic lunch. Photos here, embedded in a couple of tweets.