Twenty Fourteen

Still playing with the Twenty Fourteen theme, as I said. Not using the featured-contents at all. By the way, something is going wrong. I have read about conflicts with plug-ins as Jetpack. It might be the size of the photos as well. It doesn’t matter for now, the blog is OK as it is and I will do further tests later.

In the meanwhile I have posted a question on the support forum. You never know. It’s full of great programmers and someone might solve the issue with a few checks.

About this blog’s technology

This blog is based WordPress 3.8 and the last released theme, Twenty-Fourteen from Takashi Irie, with a few personalisations. I have added Fourteen Colors and Jetpack plugins. Not using the featured media, at least for now.

I have to say, this is the best blogging platform. Ever. I am blogging and playing with blogs code since ten years at least – and there is nothing comparable to WP today here around.

Great theme, the one from Takashi. Clean, responsive, easy to customise.

Blogging platform is Domain has been associated to this blog, still using LivingDot. Several years ago I decided to put an ocean in the middle between the place where I live and the place where the blog data/domain are physically located. Still think that this is the best way to go. LivingDot is fast, inexpensive and reliable. Tech support works just fine. Cost for both hosting and domain registration is definitely acceptable.