Alitalia: new brand, old style

Have you already seen the new Alitalia brand? Made of Italy. Yes. And the new re-branding campaign? The beginning of a new journey. They say. The new look is chic, stylish and sooooo┬áItalian (sorry, multiple “o” are mine), someone else writes. Italy is the embodiment of beauty, warmth, passion, hospitality and a way of life. […]

We cannot expect you to show any sympathy

Just received a personal message (that’s how the title starts) from Mr. Jens Bischof, CCO of Lufthansa Airlines. A subset: I am well aware that this week, some 425,000 Lufthansa customers will miss important business appointments and may have to postpone their well-deserved family holiday or even a trip planned to celebrate a wedding anniversary. […]