The Circle is coming

Walking around Manhattan last week, and three years after reading Eggers’ book, I discovered about the new movie. Here is the trailer. I am more than thrilled at the prospect of watching a movie that might reflect that amazing story.

Bukowski, 15 years later

Flying. Back from Boston to London. Reading Women by Charles Bukowski after 15 years from my very first discovery, in digital version and in its original language doesn’t really change my admiration for his brutal and sharp style. Post Office, second in list.

The News

Next week I will miss for a few hours one of my favourite authors, Alain de Botton, presenting his new book in NYC.

Mon 3 Mar 2014, 6.30pm
New York, a BAM event at BAM Rose Cinemas, Peter Jay Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn. Tickets: $20
Talk on “The News“.

The Circle


Just started, its about global companies, social media and privacy, it seems a great reading. Excerpt from the NYT:

The outpouring of ideas is central to The Circle, as it is in part a novel of ideas. What sort of ideas? Ideas about the social construction and deconstruction of privacy, and about the increasing corporate ownership of privacy, and about the effects such ownership may have on the nature of Western democracy. Dissemination of information is power, as the old yellow-journalism newspaper proprietors knew so well. What is withheld can be as potent as what is disclosed, and who can lie publicly and get away with it is determined by gatekeepers: thus, in the Internet age, code-owners have the keys to the kingdom.