8th Strategic Marketing & Branding Forum

One of the 2 conferences where I am planning to share some thoughts about marketing for mergers & acquisitions has just released its official leaflet. Here it is. In PDF format (yes, I’m the Italian guy with the unpronounceable last name).

By the way, I have googled the web to search for marketing for M&As. It doesn’t seem to be an inflationated marketing topic. Maybe something to think about for the future

Marketing for M&A, my next speeches!

And so 2015 has just started and is already taking an unexpected path. After +one year of experience in the M&A post-acquisition field, I am ready to share my full experience with all marketers and professionals in the M&A sector, marketing and branding around the globe.

I will be presenting “Better Together. Integrated Campaign and Branding Strategy: Marketing lessons from one of the major M&As in the energy and technology sectors”, which summarizes my experience of leading Marketing Communications & Branding for one of the biggest acquisitions in the tech sector in 2014. Two Conferences are confirmed for now:

I will share more details about contents later this month, as soon I will get some time…

If you are planning to attend, I will be glad to share insights before and during the Summits. If you are not, let’s do it via blog or email : )