10 Great Content Marketing Blogs (and 1 Blog Reader)

Based on a recent post from Content Marketing Institute (CMI), a new research from Orbit Media’s – the second annual survey of 1,000 bloggers – and some common sense, blogs might be considered as a seasoned content platform, but are far from extinction. In fact, CMI’s 2016 B2B Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report found that […]

Content Marketing (& Publishing) M&A on the rise in 2016

It’s that time of the year. Marketing predictions are flowing through the Internet and Content Marketing is not an exception. Not surprisingly Content Marketing Institute includes “Content Marketing M&A” as one of the major trends for next year. “Robert (Rose) and I (Joe Pulizzi) expect the momentum of mergers and acquisitions to continue to increase in 2016 […]

How to develop a Content Marketing strategy for a B2B firm in 6 steps

B2B firms tend to be concerned that their solutions aren’t attracting enough for content marketing – but only if the approach on doing content marketing is wrong in the first place. So how to transform your marketing strategy from a traditional to a modern and successful model aligned with growth and business goals? This can […]

Content Marketing Strategy

The new content and social marketing strategy is ready. It ill change the face of one of the four business units of the company I work for. We are transforming a traditional marketing model to a new, modern, content-focused model. Social, content and PR will be integrated. Jason Miller wrote on his book: The most […]

Digital Marketing 2016 Europe

I have just accepted to be part of the speaker pool at the Digital Marketing 2016 Europe Conference from Frost & Sullivan in Portugal on 25-27 January 2016! Specifically, I will attend one panel session (Ask the Experts! Panel Discussion – Modelling a Modern Marketing Organisation ) and I will lead one formal speaking session […]