B2B Content Renaissance?

Just love this tweet.

My answer….

Behind the scenes – Recording the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller

Note: this post started as a short story of my meeting with Jason Miller to record his marketing podcast. It ended up with some thoughts about content marketing, pilot programs, creativity and Corp boundaries.

My chat with Jason was a lot of fun. He recorded the Sophisticated Marketer’s podcast today. I was his guest. I am not sure at this stage when it will go live. Before or after Christmas? I don’t know. Yet.

LinkedIn’s HQs in London is a great office. Cool and stylish, comfortable, full of colours. Loved the Dr. Marteen’s meeting room (not sure how to explain – a meeting room with lots of Dr.M’s boots hanging from the roof – yes, you got it right: a bunch of Dr.M’s classic and coloured boots hanging from the ceiling and the glass door). Which is the room where we recorded the podcast. Free coffee, soft drinks, flavoured water. Continue reading “Behind the scenes – Recording the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller”


Just published a first article on LinkedIn Pulse – a replica of the one published in July by Brand Quarterly and a way to support my coming speech at Brand2Global Conference.

In the meanwhile focusing on Content Marketing, Social Media and PR integration, which represents my next project. Well, more to come!


Funny enough, I’ve changed yesterday current company with the acquiring company name on my LinkedIn profile and my inbox got flowed by tens of messages of congratulations for “my ability to grow my career” or for “the great success in my life”. I opted out now and changes to my profile will no longer be visible to readers, but I wonder if this will stop LinkedIn sending out emails with ‘my’ news. This is just idiot.