Presenting Marketing to M&A experts

My next conference as a speaker (8th Merger Integration Management Forum, 17-18 March, Amsterdam) is approaching and I am dedicating some time today for preparation. Also had a great call to understand the audience. Well, this time will be different: still a marketing-focused presentation, but different audience, different cut, different expectations. In fact, it’s my […]

Digital Marketing 2016 Europe: my takeaways

It is difficult to summarise 2 days of great marketing presentations, networking and insights. I might have missed sessions and topics, and for this reason this post cannot be representative for the full event. So, here are my very personal perspective and takeaways. Sometime items might be disconnected: the post is coming directly from my […]

Influencer Marketing: the basics

There is a clear evidence of the symbiotic relation between content marketing and influencer marketing. Whenever you will define your content marketing strategy, it will not be complete if a solid influencer marketing strategy is not in place. As Ted Karczewski (@TeddyHK) mentions in his blog series about 2016 marketing trends: Up until now, marketers […]