Earned Media

Leaving London for a week. Back next Thursday. I will spend some time in Milan and Barcelona. I am preparing an internal workshop on Earned Media, which I will run next Thursday in Spain. And I am planning to repurpose some of the material and turn it into blog posts and LinkedIn Pulse. Let’s wait for the outcome.

Twitter Lists

A few Twitter lists which I use daily and it might be worth sharing.

Expo Milan. The worldwide exhibition lands to Milan. Inaugurated today, it’s expecting 20M visitors in 5 months. Last one in Shanghai in 2010. Next in Dubai in 2020. Theme is food and sustainability. The list includes all related twitter accounts. Here.

Data Centers. And in addition CLoud. IoT. And all these kind of things. Here.

Greenwich and Blackheath. Where I live. To celebrate the (g)local mindset. Here.

Update May 4th.

Expat resources. Straight forward: resources and blogs for Expats. Here.

M&A. All about acquisitions, M&A, deals, trends. Here.


I should have been asking myself why I am still paying for two blogs with respective hosting and maintenance services if I don’t touch them since months.

It’s like I am doing a favour to myself – with the wrong perception that it’s a favour to the world. Not easy to shut down a  place (even a virtual place) where you have been around for so many years.

In a few days I will close a less virtual place, the apt where I’ve spent the last three years with my kids, in Milan. It’s the last act of a super-long mental process that drove me to the decision to leave Milan and the country.

London is a welcoming town. If you are lucky enough to find the right place to live. It’s like New York – so familiar with its shops, buildings, stations, cars. You have been crossing its streets many times, thousand times, you have been sipping espressos in its bars. Even if you have never been there.

So without a place in Milan I will become even more a vagabonder. Time to accept my destiny. Those virtual places which I have written of so many times in my blogs (other virtual places that I decided to not get rid off) will ironically become home.