B2B Content Renaissance?

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Behind the scenes – Recording the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller

Note: this post started as a short story of my meeting with Jason Miller to record his marketing podcast. It ended up with some thoughts about content marketing, pilot programs, creativity and Corp boundaries.

My chat with Jason was a lot of fun. He recorded the Sophisticated Marketer’s podcast today. I was his guest. I am not sure at this stage when it will go live. Before or after Christmas? I don’t know. Yet.

LinkedIn’s HQs in London is a great office. Cool and stylish, comfortable, full of colours. Loved the Dr. Marteen’s meeting room (not sure how to explain – a meeting room with lots of Dr.M’s boots hanging from the roof – yes, you got it right: a bunch of Dr.M’s classic and coloured boots hanging from the ceiling and the glass door). Which is the room where we recorded the podcast. Free coffee, soft drinks, flavoured water. Continue reading “Behind the scenes – Recording the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller”

The last talk of the year

Yesterday I gave my last public talk of the year. The fourteenth. Interesting event, organized by Figaro Digital in London, with known brands – Heathrow Airport, British Library, Shazam – and excellent speakers. Strong consumer focus and very UK centric. I was one of the few reps of B2B marketing. Maybe the only guy talking about content strategy (missed the afternoon sessions, so it might not be the case).

14th December, instead, it will be all dedicated to B2B and content. I will get interviewed by Jason Miller and we’ll record a podcast for his “Sophisticated Marketers” series.

Podcast: How Schneider Electric Builds Content Marketing Around Big Rocks

I already wrote about my new podcast – FIR (For Immediate Release) B2B, with @pgillin and @dstrom. Well, here is the summary. And the podcast, in case you have some time for listening B2B content marketing stuff.

We flagged down Giuseppe Caltabiano after we saw this story in Contently about Schneider Electric’s B2B content marketing efforts (and especially its Energy University education resource). Giuseppe joined Schneider’s Data Center division about a year ago to unify its prolific but fragmented content marketing effort. Since then, the company has reduced the number of steering committees from five to one and reduced the amount of content the company producing but deployed it more strategically.

Schneider employs what Giuseppe calls a “big rock” strategy centered around anchor feature topics that generate content that can be repackaged and reused in multiple formats and on multiple platforms. “Content leads to three times as many downloads as traditional marketing campaigns,” Giuseppe writes. And leads who engage via content are, by definition, more engaged.

In this week’s podcast, Giuseppe talks about the importance of having a strategy, focusing resources, sticking with your editorial calendar and failing fast.

Content Marketing podcast on FIR B2B

It’s Friday, sunny, 30 degrees, on the edge of a bank holiday and long weekend for almost all Londoners (I represent an exception, since I am working for a global org), and with most of the people I know still in vacation and sending photos and memories from beaches and seas.

Instead, I just completed a podcast for FIR (For Immediate Release) B2B with @pgillin and @dstrom. Had great time answering Paul and David’s questions about Content Marketing in B2B and my experience with Schneider Electric. The podcast will be live soon!