On my way home

Back from a great meeting in Rhode Island, where we nearly completed our 2017 Content Marketing planning. Lot of excellent ideas and innovation. Only one negative thing, this.

I am intrigued by the potentiality of Virtual Reality for what concerns content and customer experience. That’s something we’ll explore next year.

November travel diaries

Totally jetlagged but hungry like a wolf (only old guys like me can recall the title of a song, here), sitting in a grill in South Rhode Island (not to be confused with North Rhode Island, please) among partying youngsters, eating crab cakes and working on last details of this week meeting.

It will be a great meeting. We will finalise content planning for 2017. One year ago, exactly same time of the year, I was here to introduce content marketing  and put the basis of our strategy with a workshop and with the help of our friends from Newscred. Put it this way: it’s a celebration of our first successful year of content marketing. And I will extensively talk about that in my next 2 speaking sessions in London, Integrated Live and #ThinkContentLondon.

But it’s also the time of US elections. And I hope there will be something else to celebrate, this week.

Podcast: How Schneider Electric Builds Content Marketing Around Big Rocks

I already wrote about my new podcast – FIR (For Immediate Release) B2B, with @pgillin and @dstrom. Well, here is the summary. And the podcast, in case you have some time for listening B2B content marketing stuff.

We flagged down Giuseppe Caltabiano after we saw this story in Contently about Schneider Electric’s B2B content marketing efforts (and especially its Energy University education resource). Giuseppe joined Schneider’s Data Center division about a year ago to unify its prolific but fragmented content marketing effort. Since then, the company has reduced the number of steering committees from five to one and reduced the amount of content the company producing but deployed it more strategically.

Schneider employs what Giuseppe calls a “big rock” strategy centered around anchor feature topics that generate content that can be repackaged and reused in multiple formats and on multiple platforms. “Content leads to three times as many downloads as traditional marketing campaigns,” Giuseppe writes. And leads who engage via content are, by definition, more engaged.

In this week’s podcast, Giuseppe talks about the importance of having a strategy, focusing resources, sticking with your editorial calendar and failing fast.

Content Marketing podcast on FIR B2B

It’s Friday, sunny, 30 degrees, on the edge of a bank holiday and long weekend for almost all Londoners (I represent an exception, since I am working for a global org), and with most of the people I know still in vacation and sending photos and memories from beaches and seas.

Instead, I just completed a podcast for FIR (For Immediate Release) B2B with @pgillin and @dstrom. Had great time answering Paul and David’s questions about Content Marketing in B2B and my experience with Schneider Electric. The podcast will be live soon!