Conferences where I will be presenting *** Update ***

Here is a short update on Conferences where I will be presenting in 2015. Topics are marketing related: #marketing #digital #social #acquisitions #companyculture PAST 2015 Global Summit Marketing & Digital, Verona Italy, 25th and 26th of February. You can find my presentation here. Via SlideShare. COMING Thought Leader Global Marketing Forum, London, 23rd and 24th […]

The pursuit of client engagement. Two cases of poor prospect management.

From my (privileged) position at the company I work for I can see daily efforts to engage clients via complex marketing techniques, and a sometimes obsessive attention to client and prospect engagement, via social and off-line mechanisms. So I pay a lot of attention to my role as a customer – and the way B2C […]


Funny enough, I’ve changed yesterday current company with the acquiring company name on my LinkedIn profile and my inbox got flowed by tens of messages of congratulations for “my ability to grow my career” or for “the great success in my life”. I opted out now and changes to my profile will no longer be […]

Using social for M&A communications

We decided to use social media for both internal and external communications on Day 1, in addition to other channels. You might remember that “Day 1” is the way we call the day when the acquisition will be formally announced. We use SocialCast, internally. VMWare SocialCast is a social network and collaboration tool for the […]