Recommendations for extreme-risk destinations

I have filled all forms for travelling to Nigeria, including the high extreme-risk destination travel form. Among recommended behaviours:

  • Only use transportation services approved/provided by the local office.  Do not use public transportation.  Do not rent a car.
  • Only stay at a hotel approved by both the local office and iSOS
  • Only eat at restaurants and attend entertainment events if approved by the local office and accompanied by local staff
  • Do not engage in any leisure travel/sightseeing.
  • Never travel alone.  Avoid isolated and high-risk areas. Remain off the streets after dark
  • (In a vehicle) Always lock the doors and wear your seat belt.
  • (In a vehicle) Keep windows rolled up and use air conditioners.
  • (In a vehicle) If possible, sit in the back seat.  The seat behind the driver is usually considered the safes
  • If detained by authorities, identify yourself, be respectful, obey authorities, keep calm and be courteous, request to contact a local manager and the embassy.


  • To maximize safety and security, select a room located between the 4 and 6th floor. Whenever possible do not accept a hotel room on the ground floor that has doors and windows that open to the outside. Hotels with interior hallways tend to be generally safer.


No passport for at least 15 days. He’s now flying without me to Rome, to visit the Nigerian consulate. If I will get the VISA stamp in time, in a three weeks time-frame I will fly to Abuja. In the meanwhile, reservations and vaccinations. Finally, going South.

Countries of the World

If we base our calculations on the UN list of member states, we might conclude that there are 193 countries in the World. But at least three are not taken into consideration by UN – Taiwan, State of Vatican, Kosovo – as this traveller points out. So overall countries should be at least 196.

Others base calculations on places, not on countries. USA is made of several places (its States). Italy of at least 20 places (its Regions). And so on. Which is also reasonable: if I visit Moscow I just visit the capital, not Russia. This makes the list of places to visit much longer: there are 874 places to visit on Earth.

Based on the regular country list and the (less regular) list of places on Earth, I have visited 35 countries and 89 places, which makes me sadly hopeless in trying to reach the ultimate goal of visiting all countries of the planet.

Hope is the last to die, we say in Italy. So let’s start planning to visit missing places (only 785). It’s never too late for vagabonding, after all.