About myself

Hi there. I am Giuseppe (@giusec).

I am Italian. I am 45 46 47 48.  I spend most of my life between London (where I live now with the best marketer in the Data Centres space) and Milan, where Asia and Maya live (the best marketer and Maya are featured on the photo on top).

I am a marketer, too. Working today as a Vice President for Marketing Integration for a technology/energy giant listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (SU:PA). I am currently having fun with Content Marketing, Social Media, PR and M&A-related projects.

I am a vagabonder and a blogger. I started blogging in the first years of 2000, initially on public platforms (Splinder), writing about travelling and daily life (short story of my blog is explained here). Then I moved to the heavy coding Movable Type platform. I finally met WordPress when I switched to a new blog host, two years ago. A couple of notes about this blog’s technology are listed here and here. Details about my WP host provider are here. Old archives (in Italian, folks) can be found here.

I’ve travelled for business and leisure for the last 20 years. I’ve spent a relevant amount of my time around world’s Airports (or Airworld) – which is partially what I write about.

I love writing. It’s like a therapy. Not sure how to explain. Never mind.

Here is an updated collection of my business posts, via LinkedIn Pulse.

My professional profile can be found here, via LinkedIn.

And of course all views on this blog are my own, not my employer’s.

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