The Convergence of Brands as Publishers

Writing some notes about the evolution/convergence of media and brands, based on market observation, readings and direct testimonials – like the one seen at NewsCred #ThinkContent session in London one month ago. Interesting topic, a blog post might follow. Publisher/Brand industry shift was predicted yrs ago. Now is real thing & today conversation proves it […]

Content Marketing (& Publishing) M&A on the rise in 2016

It’s that time of the year. Marketing predictions are flowing through the Internet and Content Marketing is not an exception. Not surprisingly Content Marketing Institute includes “Content Marketing M&A” as one of the major trends for next year. “Robert (Rose) and I (Joe Pulizzi) expect the momentum of mergers and acquisitions to continue to increase in 2016 […]

Marketing lessons from one of the major M&A in the energy & technology sectors (the full post)

Published on LinkedIn Pulse, here. Acquisitions and integrations How do we measure the success of an acquisition? How do we describe what is success or failure? As defined by the academics, the existence of synergy implies that the combined firm will improve its performance at a faster rate after the merger than when the firms […]


Just published a first article on LinkedIn Pulse – a replica of the one published in July by Brand Quarterly and a way to support my coming speech at Brand2Global Conference. “Marketing lessons from one of the major M&As in the energy and technology sectors” by @giusec on @LinkedIn — Giuseppe Caltabiano (@giusec) September […]