Editorial boards are an old tradition at newspapers. In today’s digital marketing world, brands’ content editorial boards aren’t quite as influential but still serve a critical role in content marketing strategy. The post “Why your Company needs an Editorial Board to empower its Content Strategy” explains why and how to set up central and local editorial boards and is a subset of the broader post How to Launch a B2B, Cross-Regional Global Content Marketing Strategy – published on NewsCred’s Insights in November 2016.

The original plan in fact was to dissect the main post in several other more detailed sub-posts, to take a deeper look at individual pieces of a Global Content Strategy:

Step 1: Finding the Optimal Balance Between Central and Local
Step 2: Why your Company needs an Editorial Board to empower its Content Strategy
Step 3: Defining Local Target Personas
Step 4: Selecting a Content Hub
Step 5: Launching an Internal Communications Strategy
Step 6: Educating Marketers About Your Content Marketing Program
Step 7: Piloting Your Content Marketing Strategy
Step 8: Finally, Going Global

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