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I met all of them years ago, when I started my MBA class, in Milan. It was the end of 2003.

One year later Confraternita del Geco (Brotherhood of the Gecko, also called Confra) was created by 8 brave MBA students. One (not so brave) left – was forced to leave? – a couple of years later. The 7 left established a solid friendship. A statute was created. It was decided to have a dinner-meeting every third Wednesday of each month (Gecocena, the Gecko-dinner) in an unknown osteria in Milan. Each month organised by a different member of the brotherhood – il Grangeco. A couple of them created the first sushi factory in Italy. Then, a Whatsapp group was created – Confra definitely knows how to use the latest technologies (fax included).

13 years later, Confraternita is still alive – not properly kicking, but still alive. Confra members used to travel together – Spain, London, Amsterdam. In London the Confra celebrated 10 years of friendship (and 10 yrs of its statute).

Then I moved to London and other members moved to more exotic places. The few remaining in Milan got silent for long time.

And so, is this the end? Is it really the end of the heroic Confra? No, it’s not. I can still feel the spirit of Confra hovering over me. Because Confra never dies, it’s part of life, it’s part of you, as Hooverphonics are used to repeat (was it anger instead?).

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